Terry Walker


Terry Walker is a musician many people will recognize. Terry played in various Akron, Ohio rock & roll bands including, Two Worlds Collide, Tracey Thomas, Big Fun Pop Band, The Hurt, The Sod Busters, & various others.

Terry played in world music influenced band, Between Worlds.

He played with Tao Jones (pronounced Dow Jones), & various others in Chicago.

He played with The Hurt in the Bay Area in California.

Terry studied viola under Samuel Spinak, & did a short stint with the Doctors Orchestra.

He plays various percussion instruments & is an aspiring didgeridoo player.

Presently, besides playing with the Bizarros, Terry is doing a Stand-up & Ventriloquist routine with his pal Raeford.

Terry's musical influences: "Just about every kind of music from the beginning of time to well into the future."