Nick and daughter Alex at the studio

Nick Nicholis was born in the 1950's in Akron, Ohio. He attended high school with the rest of the Bizarros, then went on to college at the University of Akron.

On New Year's Eve 1976, Nick and his friends Jerry, Don, and Terry decided to form a band like none other. Nick became the lead vocalist for the Bizarros.

Nick's business skills allowed him to help the Bizarros with their marketing. This was important because bands that dared to be different were, for the most part, shunned by the major record labels. So instead of relying on major label help, Nick formed his own record label.

Nick released the first Bizarros 45 on Gorilla Records, thinking it was a one-shot deal. Later, after such wide interest and acceptance he decided to start a "real" record label. And Clone Records was born.

Clone Records allowed Nick to help not only the Bizarros, but also many other Akron bands in which he believed. Through Nick's efforts, the "Akron Sound" became internationally known.

Nick continued on a business track, and has enjoyed a lengthy career as a stockbroker in Akron. Nick has three grown children, Alexandra, George and Mary, who all come to see Dad sing at the Bizarros shows.